Choosing a Good Car

Choosing a Good Car
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Before making the decision to buy a second-hand car either in the city of Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto, it’s important to know everything involved on the purchase process. The price is an essential part of that decision which is why the second-hand cars have increased their sales to become the first choice for many consumers. However, this is not as simple as it seems, so here are some important items to know before to avoid surprises in the future.

1. The chose

Seems obvious, but it is very important to be clear before of which model to choose. It is the first step and it worth thinking about what we really need from a car (comfortability, expenses, storage space for travelling, etc). Here’re some questions you must make to yourself: Diesel or gasoline?; Two, three or five-door?; Dynamic or comfortable type? Only for road or also a countryside escape?; Manual or automatic transmission?

There are hundreds of options designed for almost any driver, so it’s better to take some time on this topic before doing the purchase.

2. Particular seller or Dealer

One of the key questions is whether it’s better go to a specialized dealer or go to a particular seller. Most of Dealers add a margin profit to its sales so it increases the vehicle’s final price. In case of a particular seller you can just search on the internet pages such as NEXDU.COM you propably will find better and competitive prices.

However, sometimes is better to purchase on a Dealer so you can claim some waranty in case of being necessary. It’s wellknown that second-hand vehicles may have some hidden issues, and buying it from a particular seller could increase the maintenance or repair costs later.

3. Don’t rush

It may happen the seller pushes you to make the purchase; they may say there’s someone already interested so you are forced to make a quick decision. This may not always be true, so take your time. Be rational, don’t allow desperate decisions. Check every detail of the vehicle, the revision history and purchase agreement.

4. It’s important knowing the vehicle’s history

It’s recommended be inquisitive and ask about everything. The more information you get, the better. You will be able to know how many owners the vehicle’s has had, if it has had a minor bump or any traffic accident.

5. The mileage fraud

According to some research, at least 12% of the second-hand vehicles has been manipulated on their mileage, a figure that rises to 30%, when it comes to imported vehicles. So, this is something to be aware.

This is why it’s important to read the vehicle’s maintenance book or the TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority) documentation, in which are reflected the kilometers of each revision. This makes easier to detect suspicious numbers. Also you can review certain vehicle’s elements such as the pedals, the steering wheel or the upholstery. For more information visit