Growing competition: Experts believe free shipping will rule the Online Shopping

Growing competition: Experts believe free shipping will rule the Online Shopping
Free shipping is part of the new business

In recent years, the “war” of large retail chains has taken different paths. Last year, for example, Walmart Canada set free shipping on purchases that consumers undertake online. That move was seen as a clear message to his rivals: “the fight begins”.

Walmart Canada, for example offers free shipping and “the next day shipment” for the 97% of the territory. It has more than 175,000 products in its online store, which has about 400,000 visitors per day. Of course, Walmart is a giant who can assume the costs of shipping, but when it comes to small and medium businesses, it turns a total a challenge, especially when you want to keep the prices on your products. Retailers have long struggled with the free shipping issue all over the country, because of the size of the Canadian territory and the costs involved if the shipment is carried to remote areas. The gold seems so far to offer free shipping only with a minimum purchase, which can offset some of these costs.

Walmart meanwhile joined Amazon last month, the company announced six months free unlimited shipping to students in Canada through the Amazon Prime Program. The benefit: students pay half price for the annual service, which regularly costs $ 79.99 in the country.

Experts in the field, Canadian consumers increasingly expect lower or free shipping services, variety of products, competitive prices and excellent service.

Meantime more customers shop online – mostly smartphones, tablets and laptops – retailers are realizing that should give the customers the same experience in their stores. Find here some stores that offer freeshipping service: