Buying my first car in Canada

Buying my first car in Canada
Find your next cardealer in Canada

The public transportation system in the large cities of Canada works quite well, it is not cheap, but leads you where do you want to go, comfortably and quickly. However, a lot of people move by car, either for convenience or because their workplace is remote and it’s difficult to reach by public transportation.

Buying a car it’s not the most expensive thing in Canada, instead of maintain it. We always suggest evaluate the costs associated to maintenance before buy a vehicle. The most common issues are: gas, insurance, parking and regular maintenance.

Gasoline’s price varies daily in Canada and each station has its price, there are large fluctuations, but it can affect your wallet with a few dollars more or less per month. Today in the great Toronto area the price of gasoline is $ 1.35/litre therefore roughly filling the tank of a medium truck, costs between $50 and $60. The distances are very large, and it is very common for many people work at the Centre of the city and live in the outskirts, therefore, you can easily roll 100 km daily. If we consider that a gas tank allows you to shoot between 500 km and 600 km, calculate spend $200 to $250 per month on gasoline. In Canada almost all of vehicles use gasoline, a few use diesel but the cost of it by liter is very similar too.

The car insurance it’s also an important cost to evaluate. It is a mandatory and you should not move without an existing insurance policy. The cost of it variates according to your management history in Canada, your age, your gender, the brand and model of the vehicle and also the city do you live.

If you used to have a car back on your city of origin for a several years, you can ask for some certificate from your insurance company and bring it to Canada, this also might save you a few dollars.

In some provinces such as Saskatchewan, you only have the option of choose a company that it is managed by the local Government. In others cities as Quebec, there are insurance companies both public as private and in others as Ontario, there is more than one hundred of private insure companies. A newcomer to Ontario insurance policy can cost you between $250 and $500 per month, depending on the insurance company and all the factors mentioned above.

The parking issue is something you should also assess. To park on the center of the city could be quite expensive, for example, in Toronto you can pay easily between $3 and $5 by each half hour, although the more hours you stay, the lower are the rates. Usually on the outskirts of the city, the parking lot is free.

Maintenance variates according to the vehicle brand and the amount of use, but only to change the filter oil can cost you $70 at least. If you need to change rubbers in the winter season (it is required on Quebec and on Ontario it is recommended) you have to estimate about $100 and another $100 to reassemble for summer season. It Seems that initially there was more important the price of the vehicle, but soon you will realize how costly is not buying it, but keeping it.

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