Renting a car and not bring unexpected surprises

Renting a car and not bring unexpected surprises
Renting a car may be a problem, be carefull

In order to be able to witness all the wonderful places hidden in Canada, a car can be your ally during the holidays. You can visit Ontario, Montreal, Ottawa on the comfortability of a rented car.

But even if you are a well known business man, it is necessary to be aware for some details, such as the required payment, mileage, vehicle’s insurance, etc… Do not be fooled!

Tips for renting a car on your trip:

Renting a car during your holiday, allows you to have certain autonomy. Which is why there are many people who rent a vehicle nothing more to reach their destination.

There is a wide offer companies that rent vehicles. So it’s recommended you to compare before hiring, you can visit to get more information.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • You can rent a car through internet in advance, especially if you are traveling in high tourist season. If you leave it for later it will be more expensive and you will have to settle with the available items.
  • Make sure what’s included on the price you are offered, it means if it includes an insurance (what type of it), taxs, etc. So you won’t have to make additional payments when you return the vehicle.
  • It’s important to highlight the rental car insurance issue. As a general rule, the rental price only includes a basic insurance covering collisions and theft, but if you have any incident (scratches, smudges in upholstery), you probably must pay large amounts of money. So, it’s recommended to be aware of the risks on that matter. You could hire a greater insurance in case you think you will need it.
  • Be careful with the mileage on the rental contract, if it sets with a mileage limit and you exceed it you will be charged for those aditional kilometers.
  • Check carefully the rented vehicle. In case there is any damage notify the tenant to avoid any further responsibility when the car is returned.

Be careful with the abusive clauses on contract. There are some abusive and unfair clauses in some rental car contracts:

  1. The first of these clauses is concerning the policy of fuels. Sometimes the consumer has to pay some amount of money for return the fuel tank empty.
  2. Some rental companies apply an extra charge if the vehicle is returned in other establishment than which took place in the delivery, or if it’s returnet after office hours.
  3. Also there are clauses on payment terms. The rental car companies accept only credit card payment so they can charge extra money for any reason explained previously.

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